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Few media organizations offer the depth and breadth of media experience that you’ll find at Connective Media. 

With 20+ years of media experience in both small creative shops & large international agencies, our team has implemented everything from local single-medium campaigns to national multi-media efforts. No matter what the size or scope of your project, we have the experience and tools to help you meet and exceed your marketing objectives.  Connecting you to maximum results.

At Connective Media, we’re constantly searching for the most innovative solutions to your specific media challenges. We have in-house access to all the research and software tools that today's media world requires. Expect our strategic planning process to position you ahead of your competitors, and connect you to the most effective and cost efficient media solutions available.  

Since we value the power of connecting, we’ll listen, collaborate, and recommend solutions that connect all of your media dots. Whether your needs are small & concise, or broad & far reaching, Connective Media will go above and beyond to deliver a unique media experience with a personal touch.

What We Do

Media Planning and Buying

Strategic Planning and buying for traditional, digital and social media


Vendor relationships

Analysis and POV's of media opportunities

Digital & Social


Cross-platform display

Pre-roll Video

Paid social strategy and placement



Analytics and Reporting

Post reporting for traditional media

Digital performance reports both during and at conclusion of campaigns to provide insights for future efforts

Featured Services

Strategic Planning

After working with you to develop campaign objectives, we will explore all available research to develop a strategic media plan.  The plan includes detailed media activity, delivery stats, and a comprehensive rationale for the media mix that is outlined.

Media Buying

Taking all that we have learned from the planning process, we negotiate rates, prime placement, and added-value components that work with the overall goal of the media plan.

Invoice Reconcilliation

The best media schedule will not be effective if it fails to run as placed.  For that reason, we have checks and balances in place.  

Our software allows us to review every invoice line and deliver credits for vendor errors.

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We love helping businesses by creating strategic media plans that will help them reach their goals and grow. Contact us today to see what we can do for you. 

Our goal is connecting you to results.

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